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Applied systems

Daikin applied systems offer a totally bespoke answer to your building needs. Whatever your climate control or comfort requirements, Daikin has developed all the components to create an innovative, energy efficient solution that is tailor-made to your specification.

Bespoke configurations

An applied system offers a bespoke configuration that may include:

  • Chiller outdoor or indoor unit, which powers the applied system
  • Air handling unit, for optimised air conditions within multiple zones
  • Fan coil units, which circulate the air for heating or cooling inside
  • Control systems suitable for different unit combinations
This versatile array of components can be combined in an infinite range of ways, to ensure the perfect fit for your building.

The widest choice available in the market

Applied Systems from Daikin really do offer the widest range of options available from any single manufacturer:

  • Achieving best-in-class seasonal energy efficiency ratings (ESEER)
  • Cooling only, heat pump,free cooling and heat recovery systems available
  • Huge choice of capacities up to up to 9,000 kW
  • Operating on different refrigerants: R-134a, R-407C, R-410A
  • Suitable for wide range of operating conditions
  • Low sound levels to meet acoustic requirements
  • Eurovent certified

All components manufactured by Daikin

Because all the components of the system are manufactured by Daikin, they work together seamlessly for total reliability and optimum energy efficiency.

Technological leadership in applied systems

Daikin leads the way in the development of innovative compressors and inverter technology for maximum efficiency and performance, so Daikin applied systems offer a superior solution for any requirement, while being better for the environment too.

Fan coil unit flexibility

Daikin offers a wide range of Fan Coil Units, which can be concealed or exposed to suit the building. They are quiet and efficient, so are ideal in many commercial environments, offering a versatile solution both technically and aesthetically.

  • Daikin applied systems deliver optimum comfort via a bespoke combination of chiller, air handling and fan coil units to meet your exact requirements.
  • Maximise energy efficiency with an applied system using inverter control, heat recovery or free cooling to minimise running costs and CO2 emissions.
  • Daikin’s  tailor-made applied systems include multiple sound levels and efficiency options, which can be integrated into a building management system.
  • Daikin offers modular units to help you select the right mix, plug and play options for rapid installation and accessible parts to simplify servicing.
  • Create a tailor-made solution by selecting from an extensive range of factory-standard features and bespoke options to suit your requirements.