Sanitaire warmwatertank

Daikin Altherma - EKHWCB-B

Plastic sanitaire warmwatertank met ondersteuning door zonne-energie



  • The pressureless solar thermal store is designed to work alone or in combination with a gas/oil boiler
  • Fresh water principle: receive domestic hot water on demand while eliminating the risk of contamination and sedimentation
  • Optimal domestic hot water performance: the low temperature evolution enables high tapping performance
  • Fit for the future: possibility to integrate with renewable solar energy and other heat sources, e.g. fireplace
  • Lightweight and robust build of the unit combined with the cascade principle offers flexible installation options


  • Vers warm water

    Vers warm water

    De structuur van de warmwaterketel garandeert een optimale waterhygiëne en voorkomt bacteriën en legionella. U kunt erop vertrouwen dat uw sanitair warm water vers en veilig is.

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